No tools or expertise necessary

For a stress-free and quick set-up:

1 Each configuration is pre-mounted: the caps are attached to the aluminium profiles and the parts are engraved.

2 & 3 The profiles are assembled without tools thanks to an angled bracket that is invisible after set-up.


Cost of use

With up to 40% less materials than configurations of the same size in other systems, with Panoramic, your set-up time is optimised and transport and storage are more economical.


Panoramic respects the environment

The aluminium structure is 100% recyclable, sublimation printing is solvent-free and the product's optimized weight and volume limits CO2 emissions from transport.

The ideal combination of tension fabric graphics and aluminium structures

Panoramic requieres minimal storage space for storage and transport, but still provides the look of actual walls once set-up in your booth. The stackable transport cases allow you to pack and unpack the stand module by module.