Please be sure to read the following information in order to help facilitate optimal production of your graphics within the allotted time-frame.

Your sales representative will stay in communication with you in case you need additional information.

You are used to preparing printing files?


Please provide us with the following elements in order to help us best coordinate the printing of your graphics:


• Vectorised files in PDF and EPS
(attention! all fonts must be vectorized and all image links incorporated)
• Image files as high definition PDF


• 100 dpi required for a graphic file at final size and 300 dpi required pour a graphic at 1/4 of final size


CMYK colors are preferred.
• RGB colors are not accepted.
• If you know them, you can also provide us with the Pantone® color references for your graphics.

For black-coloured areas (wide format), we recommend reinforcing the black by 20% using 3 other colors.


It is recommended not to use thin and ultra-thin fonts. There is a high risk of colour migration.


You aren’t used to preparing print files?


We can offer you 2 options:

• You would like us to guide you in the creation of your files.
Don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative so that they can accompany you in the preparation of your files.

• You would like us to create your art files for you.
Please provide us with the complete information about your project and we will provide you with a customized quotation.


Sending us your files is easy:


If your file is smaller than 12 MB, you can send your files by email.
Or, to directly upload your files online click on this link: FTP file send.
Remember to name your files with the name of the product and the dimensions of the graphic, in a folder with the, name of your company and/or the appropriate order number.

Specific booth requirements:
If you have been given a plan of your booth marked with the name and the dimensions of each frame; please use these same references to name your files.
For example, Panel_A_1500x2500.pdf


This information is given as a guide to help facilitate optimal print production. If these suggestions are not followed, we cannot be taken responsible for the quality of the printing. Should non-compliance with these guidelines necessitate intervention on our part, all modification of original art files or additional orders could result in an additional charge on or an additional invoice for your project.