Create your booth

Creating a booth has never been so simple.
We have created a booth design software tool called Panoramic Studio 3D, which lets you design and quote your stand in four steps and in 30 minutes or less!
Be your own booth designer using this intuitive design tool, designed for use by everyone.
It only takes four steps and 30 minutes to design and quote your stand.

  PLEASE NOTE, without an activate code, the software remains in the demo version

Panoramic Studio 3D lets you design and quote
your panoramic h-line booth in 4 steps and 30 minutes

Select booth size

Booth size

To start, choose the size and type of booth that you have rented:
lenght, width, and number of open sides


Design your booth

Module choice

At a show, every cm² counts!
Welcome, display, store, spread your message…
Choose and position modules according to the functionalities you need


Add graphics to your booth


The most important thing at a show is to create a strong impact. Upload your own creations or be inspired by our selection of colors, patterns, and materal effects. Creativity has no limits.


Finish your booth

Funiture /

The succes of your booth is in the details!
To finish of the look, we offer a line of furniture, lighting options and additional finishing touches