, for a message with more impact!


Easier and faster set up
Seamless corners keep light from escaping!
No more sharp profile edges

 Panoramic Lightbox is a new generation lightbox : aluminum profiles, LED light strips, graphics printed on fabric; the rendering is optimal and elegant.
The light is homogeneously diffused, the graphic easily attaches to the structure with a silicone edging: set up and dismantle are simple, quick and can be completed by one person.
Lightweight and compact, you can easily transport your panoramic lightbox!

5 great reasons to choose the Panoramic Lightbox 

  1. Aesthetic: The visuals are printed using dye-sublimation on fabric, which gives an excellent colour execution. The LED light strips are riveted on the profile, and the optics of the LED are specially made for homogeneous light diffusion.
  2. Efficient: compact and lightweight, it can be put in the most strategic locations.
  3. Lightweight: the aluminum profiles and the graphics printed on fabric allow the solution to be lightweight and easily transported: less than 20kg for a 1x2m lightbox.
  4. Easy and quick to set up: Panoramic lightbox is quickly set up, with no expertise, thanks to an Allen key supplied with the kit.
  5. Lasting: Ecological system of lighting, low energy consumption. Plus, the solution is easily adapted to your ever-changing communication with its interchangeable graphics.


Panoramic lightbox is adapted to the conditions of exhibition and events. This is the ideal solution to illuminate a specific and strategic message during your event. It can be:

More than light boxes, light stands!

Mounted on a wall

Free-standing lightbox

Diffusing fabric and dye-sublimation printing

Single or double-sided